What the kids say…

These are all quotes from children reflecting on the sessions. Names are not included for privacy.

“I really liked learning about the word ‘grace’ which means a free gift!”

“I like that Michael writes all the songs himself and that they all have interesting meanings.”

“I like the jungle! It’s amazing! I like how in every one there’s a story and Michael tells the true meaning of the story.”

“I like all of the Collective Worships because Michael gets us to interact with the story.”

“I like all of [the assemblies]! Because they’re funny and Michael includes education.”

“I enjoyed it when Mr Grumpy sang the song. I learnt that we are not in charge of the world. God is the boss, not me or Mr Grumpy.”

“I like Archibald the Explorer because he eats socks!”

“[I learnt that] you are not the boss of the world so when things don’t go your way, don’t get grumpy!”

“I like how Michael tells stories with characters and then at the end he reads some of the Bible. There’s a fun bit and a serious bit.”

“I like the stories because you learn a lot. I learned grace means a free gift.”