What teachers say…

“Michael visits each of my 2 schools once every short term – that’s 6 times every year! He has become a firm favourite with the children and a cheer goes up with they see him come into school. Michael delivers wonderful bible based stories to the children about his search through the jungle (usually a large pot plant) to find the topsy-turvy kingdom of God’s love based on grace. The children listen carefully to the stories and when Michael invites their questions, their queries show how well the children have responded and that they are thinking deeply about God’s love for them despite the fact that they get things wrong.

More than Michael, I am sad to say, the children love Mr Grumpy who really is the grumpiest old man you could ever meet. The children find his dreadful manners and rude comments to Michael hilarious (he’s a puppet!). Throwing old socks at the children in Collective Worship is a moment I won’t forget as a Headteacher! 

The children also love Michael’s songs and playing the ‘air guitar’ is another of the highlights of Michael’s visits to school.

I am more than happy to invite Michael into school to talk openly to the children about the Christian message of love and hope and how we can respond to God’s promises.”

Caroline Poole, Head Teacher at Stanton-in-Peak and Rowsley

“The children are always so excited for Michael’s visits and they learn so much from him.  Thank you for all that you have done with them.”

Andrea Tomlinson, Head Teacher at Stoney Middleton

“The children have all really enjoyed the visits and they are a high point of our collective worship calendar!”

Emma Bond, Head Teacher at Pilsley

“Thank you so much for coming in this year. The children love your visits and talk about them all week! To get enthusiasm from Rec to Y6 is a real talent and they love every minute – staff too.”

Amanda Nuttall, Deputy Head Teacher at Harpur Hill Primary School

“We cannot thank Michael (and Mr Grumpy and friends!) enough for how you have bought the stories and word of God to our little school. The children are so excited about hearing God’s word but this is done in a fun and accessible way, but never at the expense of hearing the true message of God. We are pleased to say that these assemblies have been a highlight of our school year and we cannot recommend them enough. Everyone in the school has benefitted and we look forward to another year of adventures!”

Jo Gotheridge, Winster Primary School