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James and Christine Coates

“James and I met at Liverpool Polytechnic in 1982 while studying for a BSc Hons in Applied Biology. After graduation we got married and moved to Cornwall for employment… James as a Conservation Ecologist and me as a Scientific Officer for MAFF, experimenting on vegetables!
After a couple of years James retrained as a joiner/carpenter and when the recession hit Cornwall we moved up to Matlock, back to James home town (even though he was born and raised in Central Africa to missionary parents). James worked in Asbourne making exclusive kitchens and furniture out of reclaimed pine.
In 2003, we really felt God’s call upon our lives to give up secular employment and serve Him full time in our church and local schools. We knew Michael Fentem and after he spoke at one of our Prayer Meetings James felt called to work alongside Micheal in MAST.  After searching God’s Word and speaking to our elders, we stepped out in faith and we were amazed at all the opportunities the Lord gave us to tell children the Good News about Jesus.
James led Collective Worship in 26 schools every 6 weeks, we ran a lunch time club (20/20) for several years and lately we taught Bible Explorer lessons in many local schools. We also ran the children and youth ministries at church. We have had the joy of taking children on camps and teaching them about the Bible and have been invited to run special missions in other churches. James also undertook a lot of preaching in our church and nationally.
Sadly James now has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as M.E., after a bad bout of flu. He has been unable to do any work in church or schools for the last 18 months. This has been a difficult time for us but God has been faithful and so have His people. I have now got a full time job as a Pharmacy Assistant and James is taking one day at a time. He is hoping to do one or two assemblies in the new school year.”

by Christine Coates