What we do

The Matlock Area Schools Trust has a simple aim: to help children explore the Christian Faith.

How do we do that?

The team currently take Collective Worship in around 60 schools each half term around Derbyshire, from Edale in the north, to Buxton in the west, down to Belper in the south and everywhere in between.

Each of the team members approach Collective Worship in different ways. Some use puppets, others carpentry and others song. Each way is unique and offers children a fresh way to explore the stories of the Bible for themselves.

In addition to taking daily Collective Worship, the team also provide R.E. classes, Christian Unions and other events.

How does it work?

We have historic links with many schools throughout Derbyshire, but also welcome new schools. Please get in touch through the contact page if you would like us to arrange a visit.

M.A.S.T. is overseen by the following trustees.

  • Jeremy Beckett (chairman) – Steep Turnpike
  • Chris Cookman (treasurer) – Church in the Peak
  • Sheila Laming – Holy Trinity Matlock Bath
  • Pastor Matthew Quinn – Bonsall Assembly of God
  • Mavis Salisbury – Matlock Methodist & URC Church
  • Alan Smith – Matlock Lifeworks – The Hub
  • Andy Bruin – Walton Evangelical Church

The trustees bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to help the team carry out their work effectively. They are also on hand to answer any questions that schools may have and receive feedback to help make the sessions even better!

While the trustees oversee the work, each worker has a trustee from their own church so that more day-to-day pastoral help and support can be given.