Trustees & School Visitors

Michael Tinker - School Visitor

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As well as being a children's worker for MAST, Michael Tinker is a multi-faceted musician.

Michael has performed with folk artists such as Damien O’Kane, Bella Hardy, the Young ‘uns and Gilmore&Roberts.

Michael has recorded multiple folk and children’s albums and can be currently be seen touring his Family Show around the UK and abroad.

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James & Christine Coates - School Visitors

James was born in the central African Country of Zambia, his parents being missionaries in Congo. In 1994, James and Christine moved to Matlock and quickly got involved in the childrens clubs at Steep Turnpike Evangelical Church.

In 2004 James left his job as a furniture maker to work full time, with Christine, in Christian Ministry. Part of their time is spent running a toddler group, a childrens club and a youth group in their church.

James and Christine joined MAST nine years ago and bring a unique brand of home made visual aids. They take assemblies and teach an R.E. programme called Bible Explorers. James worked as a cabinet maker for many years and has brought these talents to MAST. He provides props to help bring bible stories to life.

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James Coates

James with his wife Christine

Christine Coates

Ray & Beryl Briddon - School Visitors

Ray Briddon

Beryl Briddon

Ray & Beryl Briddon

Ray and Beryl bring a wealth of experience to the ministry of M.A.S.T. They have both worked and ministered in the area for nearly forty years, being Methodist Local Preachers and helping with children's work in local churches. Beryl has also worked in schools as a teacher for many years.

After prayer and discussion they are looking to use puppets and song to tell stories mainly based on an Old Testament theme.

'We both recognised the need to teach our young people the stories of the Bible and felt God leading us to join M.A.S.T. as a new opportunity opens in our lives' said Ray.

To see the schools Ray & Beryl visit, see the Schools page.

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Jeremy Beckett - Chair

Jeremy BeckettIn June 2016, Jeremy stepped into the role as chairman of MAST. Jeremy has been a supporter and trustee of MAST for over ten years. He has worked in education as well and is currently a Parish Councillor.

Jeremy worships at Steep Turnpike Evangelical Church and is keen to support the ongoing work of MAST, but he also wants to see it grow in the forthcoming years. He will be working alongside schools teams and the trustees to find new workers to take over Michael’s role within MAST’s School work.

Chris Cookman - Treasurer

Chris CookmanChris took over as treasurer of MAST in April 2013 and has also been appointed a trustee. Chris takes over the role from the experienced hands of David Quinn who had been the treasurer since the formation of MAST eleven years ago.

Chris was, for many years, the treasurer and chair of trustees for the church in London that he and his family used to go to before they moved to Derbyshire. He was also the treasurer of the PTA of the Primary School that his boys went to in London. Locally, Chris is a trustee of Chruch in the Peak and is also responsible for overseeing Gift Aid at CiTP.

To contact Chris directly, see the Contact Us page.

Vacant - Secretary

The position of Secertary is currently vacant. If you feel God is calling you to undertake these duties, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

Other trustees:

  • Sheila Laming - Holy Trinity Matlock Bath
  • Judy Land - Bonsall Wesleyan Reform Church
  • Martyn Pyne - Lifehouse Church, Chesterfield
  • Pastor Matthew Quinn - Bonsall Assembly of God
  • Mavis Salisbury - Matlock Methodist & URC Church
  • Councillor Peter Slack - Wellsprings, Wirksworth
  • Alan Smith - Matlock Lifeworks - The Hub
  • Robin Scothern - The Crowded House, Sheffield

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