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January 2018


Over the next two months thousands of children will be hearing about the story of Daniel and the Lions Den and the promise of a new heaven and new earth.


Dear co-workers in Christ!

Wow. As we celebrate the coming of the King at Christmas, Christians also look forward to the day he'll return and make everything new. Such hope - and it's sure because Jesus has shown he has power over death. Peace on earth indeed!

In January Michael and Ray&Beryl will be continuing their work helping children better understand the Bible and Christian faith. Ray and Beryl will focus on the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den and Michael will look at the promise in Revelation 21. Emily and Zania will be heading back into Highfields each week to share the good news with students.

Prayer points:
• Thank God for continued open doors to speak about Jesus.

• For James' health. The future still seems uncertain. Please pray for wisdom and provision.

• For Highfields CU that there'd be good attendance and that they listen to what it is the team are speaking about and it resonates in their hearts.

• Thanks and praise to God for the generosity of his people in providing financial support for this work and that support would continue and increase.

• Thanks for added opportunities in taking RE classes and Q&A sessions in schools.

• Prayer for growth in understanding of the message of Jesus among the children and teachers.

Again, thank you so much for your partnership in this work and please let us know if there's any ways we can be praying for you and if we could visit your church to share more about our work.

To God's glory alone
The MAST Team and Trustees

Daniel and the Lions Den

Ray and Beryl will be telling the exciting story of one man's obedience and trust of God in the face of danger!


New year is a time for making promises... and promptly breaking them! God makes a lot of promises in the Bible... but he never breaks them. Michael will be sharing the wonderful promise of a new heaven and new earth found in Revelation 21 and how we know that will come true because Jesus has shown us he has the power to make it happen.

Emily and Zania

The team head into Highfields Secondary School every week to run the Christian Unions there.

Financial donations to MAST

These can be sent to the treasurer, Mr C Cookman, 91 Wellington Street, Matlock. DE4 3GW. Telephone 01629 582851. Email chriscookman[at] Cheques payable to 'MAST'.

Further Information

For further information about the work of MAST please contact the chairman, Jeremy Beckett 01629 822659 or the treasurer, Chris Cookman 01629 582851

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