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Michael get's asked a lot of questions in schools. Why did Jesus take the blame? Why did Jesus not 'rise' off the cross? Why did people hate Jesus? Why is Mr Grumpy so grumpy?!

This coming half term Michael will be taking up that last question and teaching the children the story from John 9, where you will find some distant relations of Mr Grumpy. The leaders want themselves to be in charge, not Jesus. And we all have the same problem. That's why Mr Grumpy is so grumpy! But there's good news... Jesus is King and offers forgiveness, welcome and change.

Ray and Beryl will be teaching the children about the feeding of the 5000 while Rebecca is teaching the story of Blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10.

Michael has been enjoying his Q&A sessions with the children. They've even sent him questions in between visits. Here's one of them.


The work continues to flourish. Thousands of children are, perhaps for the first time, hearing what Christianity is really about.

Online resources, such as Michael's Q&A videos, are being used by children to investigate further.

There has been some substantial gifts towards Michael's work. Praise God for his continued provision.


For finances to increase to fund the work we do.

For the work in Anthony Gell secondary school undertaken by Zania and Emily. Doors are opening, so please pray particularly for the lower site as the students are a little more energetic there.

As children continue to investigate the claims of Jesus that there would be adults around who can help them with that.

Specific needs

James as he continues to recover from his chronic fatigue - wisdom, patience and healing.

Rebecca as she follows up schools - pray for responses from those she has contacted.

Thank you

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers and financial support for this work. It's a privilege to be co-workers in this wonderful work with you!

We'd also love to come and visit your church to share more of what we're doing. Please get in touch with Michael (reply to this email) and we can sort something out!

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Financial donations to MAST

These can be sent to the treasurer, Chris Cookman, 91 Wellington Street, Matlock. DE4 3GW. Telephone 07941 340385. Email chriscookman[at] Cheques payable to 'MAST'.

Further Information

For further information about the work of MAST please contact the chairman, Jeremy Beckett 01629 822659 or the treasurer, Chris Cookman 01629 582851

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