History of M.A.S.T

The formation of M.A.S.T began over 16 years ago in the autumn of 2001 when a number of local ministers - Rev. John Curran (Matlock Bath CoE), Rev. Robert Quardton (Darley Dale CoE), Pastor Michael Klein (Bonsall AoG), Pastor David Harper (Church in the Peak) and Pastor Alan Smith (Derbyshire Dales Christian Centre) - stressed the importance of supporting Michael Fentem with his assembly work in their local schools.

This was taken up on their behalf by Pastor Smith who formed a small trusteeship of David Quinn (Treasurer, Bonsall AoG), Bill Hawley (Matlock Methodists & Headteacher at Wirksworth Juniors), Melvin Gratton (Derbyshire Dales Christian Centre) and Martyn Pyne (Church in the Peak). Pastor Smith was appointed chairman.

At that stage Michael was involved in 20 schools.

Letters were sent to all local churches and many individuals asking for financial and spiritual support for this venture. The response was very encouraging with churches as far a field as Lichfield and Chesterfield supporting.

Over the next two years this rose to 40 schools before he was joined by James Coates from the Steep Turnpike Evangelical Church.

Steep Turnpike Church had always been very active supporters of M.A.S.T and the trusteeship was further enlarged by the appointment with James in the autumn of 2004 of councillor Jeremy Beckett (Elder of the Church).

Over the following years this was enlarged by Sheila Laming of Matlock Bath CoE and Head of Lower Site, Highfields Secondary School, Mavis Salisbury (Matlock Methodist United Reformed Church and former Head of R.E. at Highfields Secordary School), District Councillor Peter Slack (Wellsprings, Wirksworth).

The trust grew under the leadership of Pastor Smith who stepped down from his role in 2006 and handed over to present chairman Martyn Pyne.

Martyn has been instrumental in the trust gaining charitable status with the help of Graham Hunt from Church of the Peak. All school workers and trustees are fully CRB checked.

In 2008, the school visitor teams were joined by Ray and Beryl Briddon of Bakewell Methodist Church, who primarily minister in the Hope Valley area.

In 2010, Bill Hawley (Secretary) moved to Nottingham and Christine Coates took over this position.

In 2012, celebtrations were held to mark 10 years of M.A.S.T ministry in local schools.

In April 2013, Chris Cookman (Church in the Peak, Matlock) took over as Treasurer from David Quinn.

In March 2014, for the first time M.A.S.T completed more than 100 appointments in local schools. Praise God!

In April 2014, Ian Parfitt (Church in the Peak, Matlock) became MAST's first "Publicity Officer". In his role, Ian will have oversight of the publicity material MAST publishes.

In July 2017, Michael Fentem formally retired from MAST. Michael's last school assembly was, fittingly, at Wirksworth Junior School, where held his first assembly all those years ago. Thanks to genereous donations from the schools he's visited, Michael was presented with a painting of Matlock Bath from the early 1800s and a contribution was made to an electric bike. The trustees gave Michael their own donation which will enable Michael and Mandy to have a holiday in Scotland.

Also in July 2017, Christine Coates stepped down as Secretary and Ian Parfitt stepped down as Publicity Officer.

In September 2017, Michael Tinker started conducting MAST assemblies. Michael T has been taking a number of assemblies that had previously been conducted by Michael Fentem.

The trust hopes to continue to grow in the future and reach more children and teachers with the Gospel.

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