This is our 2014 Presentation.

[Please note that the "Recommended Videos" shown at the end of the Presentation are not connected to MAST in any way and have been selected by YouTube.]

Children sitting entranced as we tell the Story of the Sower
Michael presenting the story of Paul being shipwrecked with help from children from Earl Sterndale School
Puppets, magic and a great big wooden ark, help tell the story of Noah, plus of course two willing volunteers? James in full flow, showing one of the 77 signs taught to children to illustrate Bible Explorer
Left: The Story of the Talents and that every young person is talented; Right: It's not locking children up time but the story of Paul in Prison. Telling the age old story of Christmas using child friendly puppets

Michael, James and Christine, Ray and Beryl are using these amazing visual aids every day to tell stories from the Bible. If you would like one of the team to visit your churches children's group, please contact Michael on 01629 57730.

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